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Oregon Football: Will Lokombo Leave Early for the NFL?


Boseko Lokombo. Steve Dykes/Getty Image

This time last year, Ducks fans were preparing for LaMichael James’ announcement that he would leave Oregon early for the NFL draft.

No one thought that junior quarterback Darron Thomas would also declare for the draft—talk about surprises.

With that in mind, will there be any surprises in store for Oregon fans this year? Are there any players that you assume will return, who might actually be considering testing their chances at the next level?

Probably not. Unless…

What if junior starting linebacker Boseko Lokombo looks around and sees fellow starting linebackers Kiko Alonso and Michael Clay headed for juicy NFL contracts?

He might think, “Hey, I’m just as good as they are.”

In fact, Lokombo is already rated No. 44 out of 244 outside linebackers in the 2014 draft. He was labeled a “breakout star” by, and that was before his junior season.

Lokombo’s stats in 2012 rivaled the best on the team, and some of the best in the country at his position.

If you’re an Oregon fan, you should hope that Lokombo relishes the opportunity to be a senior leader on the Ducks defense in 2013, as opposed to throwing his hat in the ring a year early.

If he builds on his terrific accomplishments in 2012 next fall, Lokombo would see his draft stock rise—perhaps even dramatically.

Lokombo should stick around, but so should have Darron Thomas. Just sayin’.

Boseko Lokombo. Jim Z. Rider-USA TODAY Sports

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