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Bo goes to top of CFL draft charts

Bo Lokombo already has a serious set of followers and will have a few more now that he’s been ranked as the top prospect for next year’s Canadian college draft (

December 12, 2012. 2:24 pm • The Province, Section: The Fifth Quarter

It’s not exactly a ranking that will be followed succinctly and you can question its validity too, but for off-season discussion there’s no harm in debating the merits of the latest ranking of CFL draft-eligible players and an Oregon linebacker with Abbotsford roots who tops the list.

Boseko Lokombo, a 233-pound linebacker who spent time at W.J. Mouat and who’ll play with the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl next month against Kansas State, is the top-ranked player in the installment released Wednesday. You can read more right here.

There’s plenty of reason to raise an eyebrow at times about the rankings, devised by what the league calls the CFL Scouting Bureau. Part of the process is for teams to periodically submit players who they would like to eventually invite for further evaluation as means to comprise the list, but what club would knowingly want to identify players for an opponent?

Nonetheless, Lokombo will certainly warrant consideration, even if he isn’t at the top of the final rankings prior to the May draft. He won’t be invited to next year’s evaluation camp in Toronto so as to maintain his NCAA eligibility, and at this stage he undoubtedly has every reason to be focused on the 2014 NFL draft. But who’s to say he wouldn’t be a solid pick for the new Ottawa franchise, which will be allowed to pick a handful of NCAA underclassmen this year as a futures move. If you’re the Lions, you may well be focused on other players on the list, like any available offensive lineman, or for that matter, Stephen Lumbala, the Calgary running back and brother of Rolly Lumbala, who is also ranked. Agree/disagree? Who do you think the Lions should look at in the draft with an eye to the future?

The Province’s Howard Tsumura, who is to B.C. high school football what Duane Forde is to the CIS, is the resident authority on Lokombo. On a day where the only other item to report is the confirmation Jon Hameister-Ries has undergone successful back surgery that will have him back in workout mode in six weeks according to the club, here’s a link to a Lokombo feature worth re-reading.

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