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All 2011 Season Photos

First of all, congratulations to all Junior and Senior players on a great season!

I’m sure, as parents, you must all be very proud!

I”m happy to announce that all of the galleries from both the regular season AND playoff games are now posted on

With Christmas approaching and the football banquet not long after, now is the time to browse the website for great shots of your son in action.

Want to find photos of your son? As a mom of two ‘football players in the making’, I understand that life is busy and you don’t have time to browse through thousands of photos.

So, to make it SIMPLE, I’ve done the sorting for you so all you have to do is follow the instructions below and thousands of photos will be narrowed down tojust the photos showcasing your son. 

It’s SIMPLE! Just follow the instructions below:

How to search galleries by Player:

Type Jersey # in the ‘Search’ Bar followed by either j (junior) or s (senior) and the “11” for the season.

* eg. for #12 on the junior team type in ‘#12j11′ or ’12j11’
* eg. for #30 on the senior team type in ‘#30s11′ or ’30s11’

Photos make great Christmas gifts! Choose from a large variety of options for your favorite photos such as personalized calendars, magnets, trading cards, enlargements, magazine covers, buttons and so much more.

Place your order soon and get your photos in time for Christmas!

Looking for Stylish and Inexpensive Ways to Mount and Display Your Photos? Keep your eye on your inbox for an email highlighting some new and exciting display options available this year!

How Can You Order? 

Simply email image numbers of your favorite photos as well as sizes and style requested and I’ll customize a photo package to meet your needs. NOT SURE WHAT YOU WANT? No problem! Just email me your favorite photos and I’ll provide you with some display options that might suit your needs.

Email with all your questions and to place you order today!

Happy Holidays from Purple Door Photography!

Senior Galleries On-Line Include:

  • Seniors vs Mt Douglas
  • Seniors vs Mission
  • Seniors vs Van College
  • Seniors vs STM
  • Seniors vs Terry Fox
  • Seniors vs Lord Tweedsmuir
  • Seniors vs Terry Fox – 1st Round Playoffs
  • Seniors vs Kelowna – 2nd Round Playoffs
  • Seniors vs Van College – 3rd Round Playoffs
  • Seniors vs Mt Douglas – Playoff Finals
  • Seniors Headshots
  • Seniors Team Photos

Junior Galleries On-Line Include:

  • Juniors vs Mt Douglas
  • Juniors vs Mission
  • Juniors vs New West
  • Juniors vs Lord Tweedsmuir
  • Juniors vs STM
  • Juniors Headshots
  • Juniors Team Photos

Anita McCarthy
Purple Door Photography

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