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Q&A with Team BC quarterback Cam Bedore

Action photo of Cam Bedore during a WJ Mouat Hawks game. Photo courtesy Football BC and Cam Bedore

July 8, 10:08 AMFootball BC ExaminerDaniel Fung

As one of four quarterbacks named to Team BC’s roster, Cam Bedore is hoping that he will get the call on Sunday, July 11 when Team BC opens the 2010 Football Canada Cup tournament versus Ontario East. Given Bedore’s prior experience, he will undoubtedly be a front-runner to lead Team BC into their first game in football’s most pivotal position.

Bedore was the number one quarterback for the WJ Mouat Hawks in 2009 appearing in five regular season games throwing for 463 yards and four touchdowns. He also appeared in four playoff games in 2009 throwing for 537 yards and five touchdowns leading the Hawks to the championship final against the Centennial Centaurs.

Bedore is one of six WJ Mouat Hawks to make Team BC. Joining Bedore from the Hawks are QB Braden Churly, DB Deion Bain, WR Desmond Bassi, WR John Watson and K Nick Naylor.

Here are some of Bedore’s thoughts on the upcoming 2010 Football Canada Cup.

On his experience at the tryout camp for Team BC…

“It was great getting to know a lot of those guys from all over the teams that you don’t really get to play with some of those guys from the Island. It was very cool just getting there, getting to stay at SFU, and getting to work with all those guys.

“The camp was relatively easy. It wasn’t too difficult. It wasn’t a killer camp but it wasn’t one of those camps where it tends to get boring. It was good.”

On the coaching staff’s decision to name four quarterbacks to Team BC…

“It didn’t really surprise me. You need to prepare in case something happens. We haven’t really been told what’s going on with it.

“I think the coaches know what they’re talking about. They should be trusted when they make those kinds of decisions. I’m sure they’ll make the right decisions in the end.”

On having his head coach from the WJ Mouat Hawks, Denis Kelly, be a part of Team BC’s coaching staff…

“It’s just awesome. Me and Coach Kelly are really good friends but he’s also a coach that just knows what he’s doing. He knows things that you would not think about normally. He knows so many different tricks to each play.”

On if having several Hawks teammates on Team BC puts him in a comfort zone…

“Definitely. A lot of us have been playing together for quite a while so we tend to know how each other plays. It makes it a lot easier than trying to guess with some of the other guys that we haven’t played with for as long. It definitely makes it a lot easier when they’ve been on your team for so long.”

On playing Canadian rules in the tournament as opposed to American rules…

“I think it’s a lot more fast-paced. Obviously there’s a lot more throwing so we’re going to have to be a lot more on our toes making sure we make good reads.”

(editor’s note: BC High School Football plays American rules whereas the Football Canada Cup will be contested under Canadian rules)

On if he thinks other teams at the tournament will underestimate Team BC because of their lack of Football Canada Cup appearances in recent years…

“I think it’s a very good possibility but I don’t think most teams will underestimate us just because of the caliber of the players we’ve had over the last couple of years. I don’t think it should be an issue. We might get underestimated by one or two (teams) but that’s just better for us because then we’ll come out strong and take it to them.”

On facing Ontario East in the tournament opening game (Ontario East won the 2009 Football Canada Cup in the under-17 category)…

“Definitely. It tests us early and lets us prove to everybody that we’re a force to be reckoned with.”

On what it would mean personally to win a championship at the Football Canada Cup…

“It would mean a ton. I think it would just be awesome to get out there – first time we’ve had a team in quite a while – and win it. That’d be just great. I don’t even know how I would describe it if that happened.”

Football BC will be releasing a series of Q&A’s with various Team BC staff and players exclusively via leading up to start of the 2010 Football Canada Cup which takes place from July 10- 17, 2010 at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

The final Q&A to be posted is with Team BC RB Stephen Spagnuolo and is scheduled to be released on Friday, July 9 here on the Football BC Examiner’s page. The full list of interviews to be posted is available on Football BC’s website.

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