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Hawks grounded by high-flying Ravens

The Hawks pause for a moment of silence on Remembrance Day, as they practice for the upcoming Quarter Finals after qualifying second in the Eastern Conference. Photo: T. Plett

By Cam Tucker, The Times November 12, 2010

The W.J. Mouat Hawks reign atop the B.C. High School Football Triple-A rankings came to an abrupt end Friday thanks to the Terry Fox Ravens of Port Coquitlam.

In what was labelled the clash of the titans, the Hawks fell to the Ravens by a score of 36-6. The Hawks’ usually potent offence was held to a minimum by the Ravens defence, which came into the game having allowed just 14 points in four games.

Mouat scored just once, as Cam Bedore connected with Tanner Hamade for a touchdown pass in the waning minutes of the first half to pull the stunned Hawks to within 10 points of Fox. But a comeback never came.

“You just have to give credit to them,” said head coach Denis Kelly.

“They just outplayed us, everything from the coaching right down to the execution and the physicalness of their play.”

An attempt to get back into the game fell into the wrong hands in the second half. A pair of interceptions turned any momentum the Hawks had into energy for the Ravens.

The Hawks will now go into the playoffs as the No. 2 ranked team in B.C., and second in the Eastern Conference as a result of the loss.

Playoffs will begin this weekend from Thunderbird Stadium at UBC, however a schedule has yet to be released.

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