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Inside the huddle: Breaking down four of the weekend’s big games

Driving to go all the way: The Hawks rally together during a recent pre-game huddle. Photo: T. Plett

By Howard Tsumura Thu, Oct 14 2010 Howie’s High School Hamper

We’re just past the midway mark of the 2010 B.C. high school football regular season.

Today, we take a look at four big games set to take place Friday and Saturday.



No. 1 W.J. Mouat Hawks (1-0) at No. 5 Centennial Centaurs (1-0)

Friday (7:30 p.m.), Percy Perry Stadium

Scene setter: Rematch of last season’s Subway Bowl final won by Centennial.

Says Centennial head coach Ryk Piche: “They are undefeated, they are ranked No. 1 in the country, and they probably have the best passing attack at our level, in our country. (QB Cam) Bedore is a two-headed monster as well. So not only do we have to take his pass away, we have to take his feet away too. He has numerous receivers in (John) Watson, (Desmond) Bassi, and so forth. As for their defense, I am very familiar with the 3-3-5. That’s what I ran as the defensive coordinator here.  I believe I know the ins and outs of the scheme pretty well. Every coordinator will have their own twists, but all in all, the base scheme is same. The one thing I did notice of their defense is their DBs jump routes very well. And so they should. They see the best passing attack everyday in practice. We will have to be very careful on when and where we are going to pass.

Says Mouat head coach Denis Kelly: “The challenge we have in preparing for Centennial is trying to deal with the many looks they have shown, both offensively and defensively, so far this season. Defensively they have shown both a three- and a four-man line. Offensively they have shown a wide variety of sets and series of plays. We do know that in the final analysis we will have to deal with their outstanding speed and power. Bobby Pospischil has to be accounted for every play, regardless of where he lines up. Jason Buren is a game-changing back with breakaway speed and the ability to break tackles. They have a big line and a wide variety of offensive strategies. We will have to be at our very best to win.”

Biggest challenges this season:

Says Centennial head coach Ryk Piche: “I would have to say the injury bug. When you don’t have your number ones in there, it sure takes its toll on you. Having Jason back (from injury) is huge for us, as you saw last game, with over 225 yards on less then 15 carries. You also have to respect the fact that we pass to him. So that has been a hurdle for us to jump until now. We will be healthy for this game. We will also have our last wounded member back in Nolan Stutt, he has been out since Lynden.

Says Mouat head coach Denis Kelly: “Our biggest challenge is living up to lofty expectations and trying to build momentum as the season goes along. We feel that we have accomplished our early season goals, but now is the time to step it up as the big league games approach. We’re confident that we are beginning to hit our stride.”

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